Durand-Wayland can provide its customers complete solutions for kiwi processing: from the loading of the product into the machine until the working table where make packaging. Furthermore, we can furnish to our customer to export processing data to their administrative software or to create a truly automated system to track the product at all processing stages. We are at your disposal to discuss your production and packaging requirements and to find the best solution to satisfy your needs.

We can also provide Grading Systems for Kiwi.

More than divide the different product classes with an accuracy of +/- 1 gr., we can separate flat kiwi from the one with regular shape and analyse the External defects of the fruit. With our HD cameras we can appreciate and make a separation of kiwi by color gradient (greenish or brownish) that is quite impossible by any other system. We would underscore the high speed of our machine (over 15 tr/sec) that allow an incredible production level always ensuring great care of the product.

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