Bin Washing

The R-2 Rotary Bin Washer offers high-capacity, effective cleaning of packinghouse bins. Proper bin washing is critical in eliminating the spread of bacteria, as well as helping to prevent cross-contamination of produce – a key consideration for food safety requirements. The stainless steel enclosure will not rust and is designed to capture water for recycling, which reduces maintenance and operating costs. Our R-2 Rotary Bin Washer is a flexible solution that offers a long list of benefits.

  • Stainless steel enclosure will not rust and captures water for recycling, reducing maintenance and operating costs.
  • High-capacity filtering system attached to pumping system cleanses water, allowing water to be reused.
  • Adjustable bin guides allow machine to work with most bin sizes and most packinghouse lines.
  • Bins travel through machine horizontally.
  • Strategically placed, high-capacity wash nozzles allow for maximum bin cleaning.
  • Motor control system works with most voltage systems.
  • Unique design is water-tight, low profile. Doors and drains properly placed allows easy cleanup at end of day.
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