Used Equipment

Listing 1:

2 x Durand-Wayland 6 Lane PentaSort Weight Sizer

  • Complete Peach Packing Line
  • 2,000 Bushels/Hr
  • 16 Automatic Fillers
  • Rapid Pack Table
  • Color vision Brix Detection on 6 Lanes
  • 2 – Sorma CBT Bin Dumpers
  • 2 – Presize Bar Elevators
  • 3 – 42 Pin Washers
  • 3 – Grading Tables
  • Empty & Full Box Conveyer System

Listing 2:

Durand-Wayland 4 Lane PentaSort Sizer

  • Durand-Wayland Model PentaSort Fruit Sizing, Washing, Polishing and Bag Packaging Line.
  • Ideal for Apples, Pears, Citrus Fruits or Pitted Fruits.
  • Includes steel bulk pre-rinse station.
  • Cleaning, polishing, and waxing line and Drying tunnel.
  • Optical color sorter.
  • V-belt singulator with size separator.
  • Includes manual bagging and manual tray-pack sections.

Listing 3:

Durand-Wayland 8 Lane Ultra-Sort Sizer

  • DW 8 lane ultra-sort sizer, 4.5” cup pitch, 23 drops total

Listing 4:

Durand-Wayland Packing Line

  • 2 – 60″ wide metering belts
  • 4 – V-belt singulator
  • 4 – roller graders
  • 4 – over head 6 brush units
  • 4 – DW watermelon electronic weight sizers
    • 13 controlled drops + 1 uncontrolled
    • Mild steel packing bins

Listing 6:

Watermelon Line Parts

  • HD bin dumper with destacker and stacker
  • Metering belt
  • V-belt singulator
  • Roller Grader with melon washer
  • Watermelon sizer 6 controlled drops + 1 all fall drop

Listing 8:

Giro Mesh Bagging Machine, Little David Taper/Case Sealer, and Labeler

  • Giro Mesh bagging machine:
    • Makes 2lbs – 5lbs product into a netted (mesh) film.  Creates 10 different product label options.  Able to label, with a sticker for product info.  Able to weld film together at top and bottom of the netted bag, or if desired, also able to provide the film all the way around the netted film, often called “full wrap.” Able to produce up to 18 bags per minute. It has less than 1 million bags through the machine.
  • Little David Taper/Case Sealer:
  • Labeler:
    • Accepts print options from the software.  We used this to create a 4″x3″ box label.  Air pressure needed to perform the “slapping” arm function.  Prints a sticker, uses suction to hold label on arm, and then sticks to a box when the arm is triggered.

Listing 9:

Used 4-Lane Ultra Sort

  • All Stainless Steel structures
  • 75” pitch – Ideal for Peaches, Tomatoes, Avocados, and Citrus.  Has letdown chutes, not brushes.
  • 14 total drops
  • Stainless Steel rapid packing bins included
  • Sizer has already been disassembled and is in storage
  • New electronics will be required

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