Durand-Wayland developed the first generation OmniSort in 1980. It was based on our patented and highly innovative “Smart Cup” technology. Since then, we’ve sold hundreds of OmniSort units throughout the world for almost every kind of fruit and vegetable imaginable. Over 99% of those machines are still in operation, too. Our new OmniSort features digital cameras for greater stability and more precise sizing and color separation. It’s also technologically superior, faster and more efficient.

  • New digital camera optics deliver greater precision, accuracy, and stability
  • Utilizing long life LED lighting for more uniform color detection and lower heat and power consumption.
  • Roller singulator provides maximum cup fill and excellent fruit orientation for camera viewing
  • Soft rubber rollers provide positive rotation
  • Roller singulator ends before labels are applied so no labels have to be removed from rollers
  • Camera view never distorted by labels on rollers
  • Label interface for single or multiple banks of label applicators
  • Shaped cups center fruit for perfect labeling
  • Sturdy tubular frame construction
  • Automatic and continuous cup tare
  • Unique floating “Smart Cup” design guarantees highly accurate 4-point weighing
  • Fruit carrier lowers gently delivering fruit to let-down ramp and onto cross belt conveyor
  • Anodized aluminum sides and plastic cup carrier tracks eliminate rusting
  • Computer systems are custom built to maximize performance while protecting against hardware failure/downtime
  • Windows 7 supported for sizer operating programs
  • Multiple sizers can be operated from single operator station
  • Desktop, Laptop, Mini, & Micro PC options available
  • 0-400 pieces of fruit per minute
  • Up to 8 lanes with 1 to 64 fruit drops
  • Grower accounting programs
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