Our new UltraSort is a real breakthrough. As its name implies, it’s going to take fruit and vegetable handling to a new level. For example, the photos above demonstrate the UltraSort’s unique ability to handle virtually any size fruit or vegetable – plums, lemons, stone fruit, tomatoes including the Roma variety, kiwis, clementines… on up to big Red Delicious apples, navel oranges and grapefruit. From beginning to end, the UltraSort incorporates literally hundreds of refinements from our earlier systems. You’ll also appreciate the UltraSort’s new features. We’ve added a “V” belt singulator, and our fruit carriers now tilt down for an even gentler fruit transfer. Check out the impressive list of features highlighted below. The UltraSort is just what sophisticated packers have been looking for.

  • Roller singulator provides maximum cup fill and excellent fruit orientation and rotation for camera viewing
  • Four soft rubber singulator wheels for gentle and positive rotation
  • Camera viewing is not distorted by misplaced labels because labels are applied AFTER fruit leaves roller singulator
  • Roller singulator ends before labels are applied, so no labels have to be removed from rollers
  • Variable speed forward and reverse wheel rotation in singulation area
  • Unique floating carrier design guarantees highly accurate weighing
  • Rugged glass-reinforced molded plastic fruit carriers
  • Automatic and continuous cup tare
  • New digital camera optics deliver greater precision, accuracy and stability of settings
  • Utilizing long life LED lighting for more uniform color detection and lower heat and power consumption
  • Label interface for single or multiple banks of label applicators
  • 0-600 fruit pieces per minute
  • Fruit carrier lowers, gently delivering fruit to special let-down brush or vinyl drape transfers and then onto crossbelt conveyor
  • Anodized aluminum sides and combination plastic-stainless steel cup carrier tracks eliminate rusting
  • Sturdy tubular steel-frame construction
  • Small diameter pulleys eliminate fruit drop
  • Oversize drive shafts and sprockets
  • Maximum length: 180 feet
  • Up to 8 lanes with 1 to 64 drops
  • 12 programmable color grades and 15 size selections
  • Grower accounting program
  • Blemish optics and software available for some fruit
  • Computer systems are custom built to maximize performance while protecting against hardware failure/downtime
  • Windows 7 supported for sizer operating programs
  • Multiple sizers can be operated from single operator station
  • Desktop, Laptop, Mini, & Micro PC options available
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