Washing & Waxing

Wash Chamber
When the fruit passes through the warm water wash and rinse chambers, the detergent is applied along with the wash water. Generally warm water washes and rinses will give you a better cleaning action and in the case of apples from cold storage, the warm water retards condensation and helps wax adhere more evenly and dry better.

Brush Washing
After the warm water and rinse chamber, the fruit is moved by the brush rotation which keeps the fruit moving gently and safely down the line to the fresh water rinse. All of our washers are equipped with drain pans to help eliminate splashing and our drive mechanisms are totally enclosed and never exposed to water, detergents or waxes. This, of course, reduces maintenance costs and increases equipment life.

Fresh Water Rinse
Next, is the fresh water rinse. When the fruit enters it is rinsed with a mist-like spray which is being emitted by overhead nozzles. This results in a thorough rinsing. All of our cleaning and treating equipment has been carefully engineered to ensure gentle and proper handling. We’re big on safety, too. All systems include automatic shutdown features in case water temperatures should ever get to hot.

Polishing and Waxing
Finally, this is where the fruit has been washed, cleaned, sanitized, rinsed and dried. In other words, they’re in perfect condition for polishing and waxing. That’s why a good washer is so vital. It eliminates chemical residues, as well as dust and dirt. And if you’re packing peaches, it’ll even take care of the fuzz removal. We’re talking low maintenance, long life systems designed to accommodate a host of add-ons including hot water recirculation units, water eliminators and detergent and wax applicators.

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