Tote Bins

Soft Touch Crate Dumper is the ultimate in gentle handling when it comes to dry dumping of crates. It is also the ultimate feed for a packing line since it is a continuous flow dumper and provides an uninterrupted supply of fruit.

The full crates enter at the lower circumference of the continuously rotating dumper wheel. At this point the open top of the crate is held against the dumper wheel conveyor belt. As it rotates, the fruit in the crate slowly and gently settles against the conveyor belt, which is running on the outer surface of the dumper wheel. When the crate and the fruit reach the top of the wheel, they are smoothly separated with the fruit remaining on the belt and the crate being lifted up and off the fruit. The fruit on the conveyor belt continues on to feed the packing line and the empty crates are conveyed to a washer and repalletizing area.

The soft touch crate dumper supplies a continuous flow of fruit while being gentler than any other dry dumper.

Designed to gently distribute produce onto feed conveyor, the tipper can handle different size cartons on the same packing line. Variable speeds can match the tipper to any machine or line output while the same chain conveyor operates the dumper and feeder so speeds are always matched. Uniform product flow while helping to reduce labor.

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