Roto II Bin Filler

The Rotofiller range of dry bin fillers is considered one of the most gentle dry fillers available on the market. The wide fruit delivery belt translates to lower fruit velocity through the machine minimizing the chance of fruit damage. Staged fruit delivery system from the belt to the bin combined with the rotary fill action provides excellent bin fill quality. Semi automatic electrical control system fitted to the RF2a provides a simple but efficient operation with minor operator intervention required. The swingover design means very quick changeover from bin to bin. The empty bin is waiting next to the filling bin, when full the RF2a head raises automatically allowing the head to be manually swung from the full bin to the empty. A single push of the down button restarts the filling cycle and the full bin is removed and replaced with an empty at leisure. Delivered almost fully assembled with only minor reassembly required prior to use. The single phase electrical system allows the machine to be simply plugged in a run within an hour of delivery. The RF2a is very portable, it can either be safely moved by forklift using the integrated forklift lifting slots or simply wheeled to its new location. The RF2a is value for money, with the swingover design providing excellent efficiency while retaining all the gentle fruit handling qualities associated with the proven Rotofiller design.

  • 300 – 400 pieces per minute
  • Bin full signaled by : volume sensor, sizer count / weight, dedicated weigh scales under bins
  • Quick bin change – manual or powered head swing over for the fastest bin change
  • Bins placed or re-placed by Jiffy Lift, fork lift or robotic means
  • Safe operation with SlipClitch protect on drives for added protection for operators
  • Portability – On wheels, easily removable from feed belt
  • Feed height: Adjustable from 980mm to 1050mm
  • Patented for flow separation and distribution
  • Compact, portable, with high throughput
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