John Bean Roadside Sprayer (Model C100 Series)

Standard Features

• 1000 gallon (3780L) or 1500 gallon (5670L) stainless steel tank designed for truck mounting features mechanical agitation with two positive acting
valves controlling overflow and discharge

• John Bean two stage self-priming centrifugal pump features cast iron case, stainless steel shaft with double row, maximum duty ball bearing on
drive end rated at 100 gpm at 200 psi

• Engine choice includes a gasoline Kohler 27 hp, 4-cycle air cooled with electric starter and alternator or Yanmar diesel (call for engine lead-times)

• 15’ filler opening with vented non-leak screw off lid (stainless steel strainer basket optional)

• Pressure gauge presents 0-600 psi (0-40 bar)

Part Number Description Weight
5267359 C100E/1000 gallon gasoline engine¹ 2,900 lbs
5267372 C100E/1500 gallon gasoline engine¹ 3,200 lbs
5284723 C100D/1500 gallon diesel engine¹ 3,300 lbs
¹ Non-stock units require minimum order quantity of 2
Part Number Description
5281222 Single hose reel (features electric power rewind)
9-5833 Circuit breaker kit (features 12VDC and 50A)
5281223 Rewind crank (factory installed)
9-9999 Mount charge for hose reel
5261638 Safety lid for single or divided models (in lieu of standard)
9-9638 Stainless steel strainer basket
9-9999 Special color (other than John Bean red)
  • Reel holds 450 feet or 124 meters of ½” hose
  • Reel holds 300 feet or 83 meters of ⅝” hose
  • Reel holds 185 feet or 51 meters of ¾” hose

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