Rapid Pack System

The rapid pack systems have been proven to be the most flexible, most productive, and ensure the highest quality of all packing methods. Automatic filling devices like bin fillers, carton fillers and bag fillers are productive, but lack flexibility. They are good in combination with the rapid pack systems.

  • The packers are paid piece rate. An amount of money for each box packed
  • The packer is totally responsible for the quality and quantity of the box he/she pack
  • All packers get treated equally. Packers are rotated regularly so that all will get a chance to pack all sizes of fruit and types of packs (loose fill, try pack, Cosco boxes, clam shells, bags, etc.) Example: When packing peaches with a size range of 36-40-42-48-50-54-60, all packers will pack all sizes at some time of the packing shift, giving each packer a chance to pack count 36’s which fill up the box much quicker than when packing count 60
  • The packer must have easy access to all packing supplies without having to leave the packing station
  • The packer should not have to lift the full packed box; he/she will merely push the box into the full box powered roller take-away conveyor
  • The packer is free to move up and down the line to access fruit
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