Long Products

Durand-Wayland can provide its customers complete solutions for long products, fruits or vegetables: from the loading of the product into the machine until the working table where make packaging (For carrots, we refer you to the dedicate page of our website). Futhermore, we can furnish to our customer to export processing data to their administrative software or to create a truly automated system to track the product at all processing stages. We are at your disposal to discuss your production and packaging requirements and to find the best solution to satisfy your needs.

Long products such as zucchini, cucumbers, eggplant, Abate pears, peppers, etc … have always been very difficult to work by Grading machines; Elisam developed a GranTorinoM specialized for these kinds. The machine allows to calibrate the product for weight, diameter, length and curvature and spread it to outputs to facilitate packaging from the staff. In addition, the machine exit belts moves step by step and there are numerous sensors to ensure the delicacy on the product and prevent it from bruise, damage from rolling or damaging. For products such as carrots, we refer you to the dedicate page of our website.

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