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Building on a strong base of installations worldwide, with 90 years of fruit and vegetable handling expertise, valuable strategic partnerships and MADE IN USA materials and quality, we proudly introduce the innovative EvoSort. The EvoSort grading platform features everything you want from your grader: gentle handling, speed, stainless steel structure, hygienic material selections, toolless access offers easy component cleaning, dual tipping cups and rock solid 24/7/365 support.

Durand-Wayland’s Most Advanced Produce Grading Platform

Since 1934, Durand’s designs have evolved to meet the changing demands of the packer. The evolution of this expertise resulted in the new EvoSort grader. American made machinery built from real stainless steel, long-lasting, high-quality components sourced domestically whenever possible ... not imported from China and most importantly, supported by factory trained technicians. The new EvoSort builds on the industry-leading performance of Durand’s sorting platforms with your ROI squarely in its sight. The platform meets the current packer’s needs for food safety featuring American stainless-steel construction, available washdown motors and gearboxes, food safe padding and belts, IP65 rated solenoids, IP69 rated drum motors and numerous tool less maintenance areas including easy access to belts and outlets for cleaning. Completely redesigned from the ground up, EvoSort brings affordable grading to your packinghouse through innovative design that is expandable in width and length, which is perfect for the packer that is growing in size and needs future capacity without starting over with a new grader. Whether it is a single lane grader or multiple lanes, you can buy today knowing that you will not leave money on the table as you grow. Of course, the EvoSort platform continues to be powered by the industry’s best grading software by our highly valued partner, Ellips, who provides the innovative modular vision grading package with TrueAI, External Quality, Internal Quality, Color, Size and Weight. Durand is proud to be partners with the outstanding team at Ellips. See more of the industry’s best grading software at www.ellips.com. Ellips TrueSort is truly Next Level Grading.

  • 24/7/365 connectivity to Durand service technicians
  • Speeds up to 20 cups/second (depends on produce...citrus, for example)
  • Quick change outlet belt and let-down brush design for easy removal and cleaning (no tools required)
  • American made stainless steel construction
  • Carrier components linked with encapsulated stainless steel plates (no chain to buy or chain stretch to deal with)
  • Food safe padding, outlet and return belt material
  • Modular design for unlimited outlets, width and length
  • Leave lanes open for future growth as crops increase
  • 4” pitch perfect for apples, citrus, tomatoes and avocados
  • Isolated weigh bridge capable of +/-.5 grams
  • Bracketless solenoid mounts
  • Dual tip cups
  • Built for tough conditions and for acidic produce (tomatoes and citrus)
  • Gentle brush delivery system
  • Optional washdown motors and gearboxes
  • Integrated spills system
  • IP65 rated solenoids for washdown capabilities
  • Ellips’ TrueSort vision grading system:
  • TrueAI, External Quality, Internal Quality, Color, Size and Weight, Produce Labeling, Accurate Fill and Exit Control
  • TrueTouch screens and printers at outlets
  • Bag sizer versions available
  • Integrated tray fillers, bin fillers and carton fillers available
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