400/500/600/1000 GALLON ENGINE

Standard Features

  • Stainless tank size based on model chosen…see chart below
  • John Bean 6-60D pump (see John Bean Pump Specifications and Price List for details)
  • Deutz engine featuring 44.9 hp powers all tank sizes
  • Relief valve (50-1000 psi) is adjustable with replaceable packing, ceramic valves and seat
  • One star type suction strainer in line between suction point and pump inlet (16 mesh)
  • Air chamber installed in discharge line to reduce pulsation
  • Enclosed pump compartment
  • 15” filler opening with vented safety lid(s) for multiple compartment units
  • Stainless steel paddle agitation
  • 0-1000 psi liquid filled pressure gauge
  • Tank level sight gauge
  • Battery is not included from factory
Category Description Example (DO60E600)
Pump type Positive Displacement (DO) or Centrifugal (C) DO
Water capacity GPM 60
Power All engines in this series are Deutz E
Gallons Tank size 600
Tank material All tanks are stainless
Frame Style Broad (B), Narrow (N) or Standard (S)
Model L W H
600B 111.5" 66" 57"
1000SB 138" 66" 57"
400/200 111.5" 66" 57"
500/300 127" 66" 57"
600/400B 138" 66" 57"
Part Number Description Frame Type Tank Material
Broad (B) Narrow (N)
Single Tank Models:
5284684 DO60E600 Deutz
9-9999 DO60E1000 Deutz
Single Tank Models:
9-9999 DO60E400/200 Deutz
9-9999 DO60E500/300 Deutz
9-9999 DO60E600/400SB Deutz
5284629 DO60E300/300/400SB Deutz
Notes: Leadtimes of all units based on engine availability(typically 90-120 days)
Axle package not available for Broad (B) type units
Part Number Hose Reel Description
5281222 Single large electric hose reel¹ w/swivel, 1/2" hp, 12V DC electric motor
Reel Capacity:
450 feet of 1/2" ID hose
300 feet of 5/8" ID hose
185 feet of 3/4" ID hose
9-5833 Circuit breaker kit-12V DC with enclosure and bracket
(required for 5281222)
5281223 Rewind crank (factory installed)
9-9999 Install hose reel on unit
¹ Must indicate mounting on all orders
Number Mounting Kit Description
9-9939 Mounting kit for 600, 800 or 1000 gallon SB (cab top)
Part Number Mounting Kit Description
5261638 Safety lid for single or divided tank models (in lieu of standard)
9-9638 Stainless steel strainer basket
11-4573 Refill assembly-DO60E1000
9-9999 Special paint colors
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