Carton Filling

Automatic volume filler recommended for peaches, plums, nectarines, avacados and tomatoes. System works on a two stage filling cycle. Bulk of fruit goes into carton at first stage. Final filling done at second stage where fruit is metered in (dribbled) one piece at a time to control weight and fruit give away. Designed to fill one-piece cartons with flaps on outside of filler belt. Fruit does not fall over the flaps, thus reducing fruit fall.

  • Capacity for six to ten 2516 cartons per minute
  • Dual load cells ensure weight accuracy
  • Carriage lift to reduce fruit drop elevation
  • When used with Durand-Wayland electronic sizer, weight change setting can be controlled from sizer computer
  • Two-piece cartons can be accommodated
  • Calibration mode for setting tare weight of carton and net weight for fruit
  • Capable of storing up to four carton weights, which can be preset at both load cell locations by operator
  • Accurate carton count displayed on control panel
  • Control panel displays set point, final weight and over/under indicator
  • Proven electronic system
  • Automatic carton-to-filler feed is available
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