500 Gallon Centrifugal Pump Trailer Mounted PTO Driven

Standard Features

    • Spray tank is 500 gallon (1893L) round unpainted 304 stainless steel with mechanical agitation, water return feeds stainless wash basket and features a stainless steel lid
    • 36” (.92 m) sixteen blade variable pitch with straightening vanes Note: requires tractor horsepower from 40-75 hp
    • CPS model-centrifugal two stage pump operates at 100 gpm (378 lpm) at 160 psi (11 bar)
    • DPS model- Bertolini PAS144-4 piston diaphragm pump with 37 gpm (140 liter) @ 540 rpm to 725 psi
    • 10 Spraying System double rollover ceramic nozzles come with individual on/off valve and check valve on each one
    • Constant velocity PTO shaft
    • Remote manual left and right spray control valve standard (electric available)
    • Suction strainer mounted for easy access has cylindrical filter and built in check valve
    • Two speed gearbox with neutral variable
    • Straight hitch with eight different height settings
    • Axle adjustable height wise
    • Stainless blower housings and manifolds
    • Heavy duty jack stand
    • Tank level sight gauge is mounted to front of tank
    • Pressure gauge is oil-filled, 0-300 psi (0-20.7 bar) is mounted to front of tank
    • 14L x 16.1 tires



Key Dimensions
      Tank diameter 47″
      Ground clearance 12-26″
      Length 15′
      Width 69″
      Height (frame bottom to top of tank) 62.5″
Air deflectors:
4-5194 Top "V" stainless steel deflectors both add
4-5137 Lower stainless steel deflectors both add
Row crop heads (mounted): Row Crop Heads (mounted)One way stainless steel (mounted)
4-9348S One way stainless steel (mounted) both add
4-5396S Two way stainless steel (mounted) both add
Vineyard towers and scoops (mounted):
11-3769 Vineyard tower 920 (mounted) both add
11-4321 12" spacer kit for vineyard tower 920 both add
11-4613 Vineyard trailing scoop assembly (94 1/2" wide) CPS add
11-6462 Vineyard lower scoop assembly (94 1/2" wide) CPS add
Tires and wheels:
4-4207 Heavy duty spindles and hubs CPS add
5-3130 Hilly terrain suction check valve (installed) both add
4-5441 Electric valves for models with filters at valves CPS add
5-6384 Electric valves when used with SmartSpray (must order 8-0895) both add
8-0895 Bracket for 5-6384 both add
11-9700 Hydraulic control module-PAS144 both add
5-8957 Hydraulic brakes controlled from tractor CPS add
5-6388 2" rearfill kit both add
8-9280 John Bean nozzles-20 station (in lieu of standard) CPS add
8-8990 Electric controls for PAS144 pump DPS exchange
Part Number Model Gallon Pump Weight  
A1-0063 AF505CPS 500 Myers 2C95 2,150 lbs  
A1-0074 AF505CPS 500 Bertolini PAS144 2,100 lbs

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