AF500GA Tier 3 Sprayer (Domestic)

Standard Features

  • Tank includes stainless basket style strainer with wash through tube and constructed of premium 304 stainless steel with mechanical stainless agitation and paddles
  • John Deere 4045T Tier 3 featuring a 4-cylinder turbo diesel 115 hp engine
  • Multifunction single LCD gauge with key shows oil pressure, water temp, tachometer, ammeter, hour meter and more (housed in stainless steel
    box tethered to tractor cab
  • 36” (.9 m) diameter eight blade variable pitch axial flow fan is made of rugged high strength reinforced polyamide fiberglass
  • Centrifugal clutch
  • Remote electric left and right spray valve controls with electric throttle control
  • Centrifugal two stage pump rated at 100 gpm (378 lpm) at 200 psi (13.8 bar) and operates at 80 gpm (303 lpm) at 160 psi (11 bar)
  • Stainless fan housing with dual UHE stainless turning vanes for optimal air performance
  • Fan shaft bearings can be greased from outside of fan housing
  • 10 Spray Systems nozzles per side in two rows include ceramic discs and whirl plates with individual shutoffs
  • 14L x 16.1 10 ply high flotation implement tires and wheels
  • Stainless ½” manifolds
  • Dual 23 gallon stainless steel fuel tanks for maximum field time
  • Stainless engine enclosure features gas cylinders for holding louvered doors open
  • Hitch is swivel clevis type adjustable four ways
  • Heavy duty jack stand
  • Tires
    • 500 gallon     14L x 16.1 with Soft track tires standard
    • 1000 gallon     21.5 x 16.1L with Soft track tires standard
  • Heavy duty jack stand
  • Tank level sight gauge is mounted to front of tank
  • Oil filled 4” pressure gauge 0-300 psi (0-20 bar) is mounted to front of tank
  • Unit requires minimum 80 PTO hp with tractor hp variable from 80 hp to 100 hp
Part Number Description L W H Weight
A1-0235 AF500GA Manual Sprayer-Tier 3 207" 80-3/4" 72" 4,100 lbs
Part Number Description Model
Air Deflectors
4-5194 Top "V" stainless steel deflectors 500GA add
4-5137 Lower stainless steel deflectors 500GA add
Tower (mounted)
12-4758 12' (3.7 m) folding stainless tower w/ceramic nozzles 500GA add
Oscillator (mounted)
12-0722 DOV stainless steel citrus oscillator 500GA add
Tires, Wheels, Axles and Spindles
8-0948 19L x 16.1 tires and wheels 500GA exchange
11-2250 21.5L ribbed tires and wheels w/spacer 500GA exchange
11-2299 21.5 Softrac tires and wheels w/spacer 500GA exchange
Miscellaneous Options
9-9261 Electric valves upgrade kit (from manual) 500GA exchange
16-0714 16-0714 powerhead for 6-9443 powerhead 500GA exchange
5-7717 Hydraulic brakes (installed) 500GA add
5-3130 Hilly terrain suction check valve (installed) 500GA add
9-6962 2" rear fill kit 500GA add
9-8820 200 psi conversion kit (bushing, belts and sheave) 500GA add
11-4623 2" top refill kit (installed) 500GA add
12-0030 Hydraulic valve upgrade kit (from manual) 500GA exchange
11-2626 Dandelion guard 500GA add

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