John Bean Pumps and specs

Standard Features

  • Rugged piston pumps have cast iron cases, with hardened crankshafts and ball-type main bearings which are seated in oil for long life, non-wear ceramic cylinders and spring loaded disc-type stainless valves
  • Melonized forged crankshaft for increased fatigue, strength & durability and mounted on heavy-duty ball bearings

Piston Pump Specifications

Piston size1-3/8"1-5/8"1-5/8"2-1/4"1-3/4"2-1/4"2-3/4"
Max gpm5102030253560
Max rpm5285805809605405401050
Max psi400500500700700700800
Weight35 lbs43 lbs78 lbs225 lbs175 lbs175 lbs380 lbs

Centrifugal Pump Specifications

ImpellerMax gpmMax psiMax rpmWeight
JB2S2 each 8"1002003400225 lbs

Standard Units

Part NumberDescription
R-5 Pump-used on DM05 Series Sprayers
1244297R-5-pump w/6-8560 relief valve, air chamber, cutoff & gauge
1280403R-5-bare pump only
R-10 Pump-used on DM10 and DO10 Series Sprayers
1244300R-10-pump w/1207620 relief valve, air chamber, cutoff & gauge
1244299R-10-bare pump only
5257422R-10-turf special bare pump only
5251650R-RH-10-bare pump only (non-returnable)
1270921R-10-bare pump only with short base
R-2020 Pump-used on DO20 and DM20 Series Sprayers
1280887R-2020-pump w/1207620 relief valve, cutoff & gauge
5284464R-2020-bare pump (no thru shaft) used on current JB model
5284516R-2020-turf special bare pump only
5284515R-R2020-bare pump w/thru shaft (used on older machines)
6-30 Bare Pump
12806846-30-bare pump only
130 Pump-used on DO25 and DO35 Series & PTO Air Sprayers
5257506130 HD pump-horizontally mounted and double shaft
5262375130 HD pump w/air chamber, 5284368 relief valve, cutoff & gauge
5258520125VS pump-vertically mounted and single shaft
5257505130VD pump-vertically mounted and double shaft
5257577130V-S pump-bare pump only
5266689135V-DS pump-vertically mounted, double shaft and 21 spline
6-60 Pump-used on DO60 Series Sprayers
12795836-60 pump w/air chamber, 5284368 relief valve & gauge
12835276-60D pump-bare pump only
Centrifugal Pump-used on C100 Series, Engine Air & PTO Air Sprayers
5283572JB2S centrifugal pump-2 stage w/wear rings