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Listing 1: 2 X Durand-Wayland 6 Lane PentaSort Weight Sizer
  • Complete Peach Packing Line
  • 2,000 Bushels/Hr
  • 16 Automatic Fillers
  • Rapid Pack Table
  • Color vision Brix Detection on 6 Lanes
  • 2 – Sorma CBT Bin Dumpers
  • 2 – Presize Bar Elevators
  • 3 – 42 Pin Washers
  • 3 – Grading Tables
  • Empty & Full Box Conveyer System
Listing 2: Durand-Wayland 4 Lane PentaSort Sizer
  • Durand-Wayland Model PentaSort Fruit Sizing, Washing, Polishing and Bag Packaging Line.
  • Ideal for Apples, Pears, Citrus Fruits or Pitted Fruits.
  • Includes steel bulk pre-rinse station.
  • Cleaning, polishing, and waxing line and Drying tunnel.
  • Optical color sorter.
  • V-belt singulator with size separator.
  • Includes manual bagging and manual tray-pack sections.
  • Complete with controls.
  • Fully operational and was used during the 2015 season.
  • Upgradeable to the latest Ellips technology
  • Line was disassembled January 2016 and is ready for transport.
  • Seller can assist in the transportation during non-busy season.
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Listing 3: Durand-Wayland 8 Lane Ultra-Sort Sizer
  • DW 8 lane ultra-sort sizer, 4.5” cup pitch, 23 drops total
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Listing 4: Durand-Wayland Packing Line
  • 2 – 60″ wide metering belts
  • 4 – V-belt singulator
  • 4 – roller graders
  • 4 – over head 6 brush units
  • 4 – DW watermelon electronic weight sizers
    • 13 controlled drops + 1 uncontrolled
    • Mild steel packing bins
Listing 5: Compac Rotofiller 3
  • 300 – 400 pieces per minute
  • Compac Rotofiller 3
  • Bin full signaled by : volume sensor, sizer count/weight, dedicated weigh scales under bins
  • Quick bin change – manual or powered head swing over for the fastest bin change
  • Bins placed or replaced by Jiffy Lift, forklift or robotic means
  • Safe operation with SlipClitch protect on drives for added protection for operators
  • Feed height: Adjustable from 980mm to 1050mm
  • Compact, portable, with high throughput
  • Used for only 2 seasons
Listing 6: Durand-Wayland Omnisort Sizer Line
  • Durand-Wayland OmniSort sizer line less dumper with 13 controlled drops
  • Ideal for apples, tomatoes, onions, avocados and more
  • Washer
  • Sorting roller
  • Chain sizer
  • Round pack tables
  • DW electronic weight sizing software
  • Upgradeable to the latest Ellips technology
  • Used during the 2018 packing season
Listing 7: Agri Tech Four Lane Sizer
    • 13 drops & with new weight scales
    • 4” pitch which can pack Apple, Peaches, Onions, Peppers, etc
    • Four poly baggers
    • Good running condition


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