From our customers:

Alt Farms

Alt Farms

“Earlier this year, we retrofitted our single lane Durand UltraSort sizer with the Ellips TrueSort electronic grading solution with weight, size and color.  The software was easy to learn, is very user-friendly and helps us improve our bagging results.  The accuracy and reliablity of TrueSort is everything that we were looking for and more.”

John Alt – Owner
Alt Farms – Casnovia, MI

Apple Wedge Packers 2

Apple Wedge Packers

“In 2015 we upgraded from our original color grader to Durand’s new TrueSort grading software and have seen several improvements . . . we’ve reduced our packing labor by 5% and increased our output by 5 bushels per hour (with less labor) resulting in a cost per packed pound reduction of  5%.  Also, with TrueSort’s external defect detection, the sizer puts the right grade product in the right package and because we can defect grade now, we’re packing three grades instead of two.”

Greg Nix – Owner
Don Rhodes – Packing House Manager
Apple Wedge Packers – Hendersonville, NC



“We based our adoption of the Elisam Gran Torino sizer on two primary metrics, final pack grading improvement and labor reduction.  Since install, we’ve continued to meet or exceed our pack quality targets across grades and reduced our labor content by 70%.  In the end, we’ll pay back this equipment in less than half the expected time. The partnership with Durand and Elisam has proven to be an important operational asset for our business.”

Dean White – Vice President of Operations
Datepac, LLC – Yuma, AZ

Hudson River_Rich and Gary

Hudson River Fruit

“Since installing our new Durand-Wayland Bag Sizer we have increased our bag production by 20% to 30% with our existing labor. The extreme accuracy of the machine has also contributed to the increase in production.”

Rich Farlese – General Manager
Gary Peterson – Operations Supervisor
Hudson River Fruit Distributors – Milton, NY


Joseph P. Sullivan

“In 2015, we chose to maintain our long-standing equipment and technology partnership with Durand-Wayland.  So far, during the first season with the new UltraSort sizer and Ellips’ electronics package, TrueSort, we’re exceeding the goals that we set for the project.  We’ve reduced our labor by 25%, increased our volume per lane by almost three times, the overall sizer volume by 22% and our volume has exceeded target by 25%.  All of these factors will allows us to balance favorably supply and demand.  We’re pleased with our decision and look forward to continuing our partnership with Durand and the success in the years to come.”

Ned O’Neill – Vice President
Joseph P. Sullivan & Co., Inc. – Ayer, MA


Ken Schwallier Orchards

“After installing Durand’s latest blemish grading technology from Ellips, we reduced our labor by 20% while still maintaining the same quality and volume. I have been packing apples for many years and it was odd not to have people at the pick out rollers.”

Ken Schwallier – President
Ken Schwallier Orchard – Coopersville, MI