Selection based on color, weight, size, and internal and external quality has never been so accurate. Using Ellips’ hardware and software, the quality of vegetables and fruit can be graded more effectively, more rapidly and more consistently than by any other means, human or electronic. The Ellips system is easily integrated on new and refurbished grading machines from Durand-Wayland and other providers.

Elisam was founded with the target of creating industry-leading alternatives in the world of fruit and vegetables processing. In an environment where product, process and quality standards are ever-increasing, thanks to technology and great attention to detail, Elisam makes a difference by continuing to challenge the status quo with sleek European design, high technological standards & guaranteed performance and reliability.

Elifab Solutions is an international business which designs and produces sorters for the effective classification of delicate and small fruit, such as blueberries, cherries and grape and cherry tomatoes.  We offer conceptually innovative, market-centered designs focused on the quality and volume of the packed product and are staffed with an industry-experienced R&D team that has demonstrated the ability to integrate application-appropriate materials, manufacturing processes and the most advanced grading software available to deliver exceptional grading and packing results.

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