SuperSpray Series

500/1000 gallon trailer mounted PTO driven with tracking hitch

  • 500 gallon (1893 liter) or 1000 gallon (3785 liter) round unpainted 304
    12-gauge stainless steel tank with mechanical agitation, stainless hinged
    lid, water return feeding stainless steel wash basket filler strainer and
    2” half coupling in rear tank bulkhead
  • 36”(920 mm) diameter eight blade variable pitch axial flow fans with die cast aluminum hub is made of rugged high strength reinforced
    polyamide fiberglass
  • Stainless steel fan housing and straightening vane assembly designed to maximize air performance
  • Air baffle made of heavy duty fiberglass and fan guard has wide openings to prevent clogging
  • Fan coupled to single speed gearbox by centrifugal clutch to protect driveline and gearbox
  • Centrifugal two stage pump operates at 70 gpm and 160 psi
  • 500 gallon unit supports 10 Spray Systems double rollover nozzles per side with ceramic discs, individual shutoffs and check valves
  • 1000 gallon unit supports 10 Spray Systems single rollover nozzles per side with ceramic discs, individual shutoffs and check valves
  • Constant velocity PTO shaft
  • Hydraulic left and right spray control valves
  • Suction strainer with filter points at tank neck, suction, inline and each nozzle
  • Turning hitch in conjunction with constant velocity PTO drive keeps sprayer tracking in same tracks as rear tractor tracks
  • Axle for 500 gallon adjusts to 4 different heights
  • Axle for 1000 gallon adjusts to 3 different heights

    • 500 gallon     14L x 16.1 with Soft track tires standard
    • 1000 gallon     21.5 x 16.1L with Soft track tires standard
  • Heavy duty jack stand
  • Tank level sight gauge is mounted to front of tank
  • Oil filled 4” pressure gauge 0-300 psi (0-20 bar) is mounted to front of tank
  • Unit requires minimum 80 PTO hp with tractor hp variable from 80 hp to 100 hp

Standard Units

Part NumberDescriptionLWHWeight
A1-0064SuperSpray-500 gallon180"76"45.5"2,150 lbs
A1-0073SuperSpray-1000 gallon203"98"57"3,000 lbs

Standard Units

Part NumberDescriptionModel
Air Deflectors
4-5194Top "V" stainless steel deflectors-500 gallon500add
4-5137Lower stainless steel deflectorsalladd
8-2716Top "V" stainless steel deflectors-1000 gallon (not installed)1000add
8-1899Walnut scoops 920 housing500add
8-2479Walnut scoops 820 housing1000add
Row Crop Heads (mounted)
4-5396SStainless double sided head w/adjustable vanes inside housing and500add
ceramic nozzles. Sprays 35' per side
4-9348SStainless single side row crop head. Sprays 70-75' per side500add
Pecan Volutes (mounted)
4-5268SStainless steel Pecan Volute (50' to 60' coverage)500add
8-6455Stainless steel "Tall Tree" Pecan Volute (50' to 60' coverage)1000add
Towers (mounted)
11-8927Stainless steel 12' 920 housing folding tower w/cermic nozzles500add
9-9999Stainless steel 12' folding tower w/cermic nozzles1000add
Vineyard Towers (mounted)
11-3769Stainless steel vineyard tower 920 housing500
11-4321Spacer kit to increase height in 12" increments to 24"500
11-6462Trailing bottom scoop for 920 housing (94.5" w)500
Tires, Wheels, Axles and Spindles
8-18973.5" wheel extension1000add
8-189321.5 Softrac tire package (tires, wheels and spindles)500exchange
8-361419L x 16.1 tires and wheels1000exchange
11-3518Drop axle kit (use w/19L x 16.1 tires and wheels)1000exchange
12-56853-3/4" wheel extension for drop axle1000add
8-898512.5 tire, wheel, spindle module500deduct
Miscellaneous Options
5-3130Hilly terrain suction check valve (installed)alladd
8-3615Double flipover nozzles (all ceramic)1000exchange
8-4361Remote chemical mix hopper (must order right step option below)1000add
8-0373RRight step (left is standard) for 1000 gallon onlyalladd
8-4435Electric valves (in lieu of hydraulic)1000exchange
11-3216Manual controls (in lieu of hydraulic)1000exchange
8-3777Mechanical (hydraulic) to fluid agitation conversionaddexchange
8-35802" rear fill kit1000add