Streamline Series

300, 400, 500 gallon high pressure trailer mounted PTO driven

Standard Features

  • Tanks are round unpainted 304 14-gauge stainless steel with
    mechanical agitation with vented 1/8 turn poly hinged lid and
    plastic basket filler strainer

    • 300 gallon tank      1135 liter
    • 400 gallon tank      1514 liter
    • 500 gallon tank      1893 liter
  • Tires skirted to protect fruit
  • 32” (.82 m) twelve blade variable pitch with inside air handling
  • Pump options include
    • Bertolini PAS908-3 piston diaphragm pump with 23.8 gpm @ 540 rpm to 725 psi
    • Bertolini PAS144-4 piston diaphragm pump with 37 gpm @ 540 rpm to 725 psi
  • 7 Spraying System single rollover ceramic nozzles per side with individual on/off valve and check valve
  • Constant velocity PTO shaft
  • Remote manual left and right spray control valve plus remote bypass valve (electric or hydraulic options available)
  • Suction strainer mounted for easy access has cylindrical filter and built in check valve
  • Two speed gearbox with neutral variable for 30-60 hp tractors
  • Hitch is straight or tracking (see table below)
  • Axle is 4-way adjustable height and width wise
  • Stainless blower housing on all models
  • Stainless steel manifolds
  • Heavy duty jack stand
  • Tank level sight gauge is mounted to front of tank
  • One step per side on 400 gallon and 500 gallon units (no steps on 300 gallon)
  • Pressure gauge 0-1000 psi (0-69 bar) is mounted to front of tank


Blower SizeHitchTire SizeLengthMin WidthHeight Range
32"conventional11L-15180"55"60 3/4" - 69 3/4"
32"tracking11L-15182 1/8"55"65 1/4" - 74 1/4"

Standard Units

Part NumberModelHitchGallonPump
A1-0195Streamline 823conventional300PAS908
A1-0196Streamline 833conventional300PAS144
A1-0197Streamline 824conventional400PAS908
A1-0198Streamline 834conventional400PAS144
A1-0199Streamline 825conventional500PAS908
A1-0200Streamline 835conventional500PAS144
A1-0201Streamline 823Ttracking300PAS908
A1-0202Streamline 833Ttracking300PAS144
A1-0193Streamline 824Ttracking400PAS908
A1-0208Streamline 834Ttracking400PAS144
A1-0189Streamline 825Ttracking500PAS908
A1-0203Streamline 835Ttracking500PAS144

Completing Packages

Part NumberDescriptionGallonStandard/Optional
Valves (must include one of below on all orders)
8-9311Manual control module-PAS908300standard
12-4909Manual control module-PAS144300standard
8-8989Manual control module-PAS908400standard
12-4910Manual control module-PAS144400standard
8-9316Electric control module-PAS908300/400exchange
8-8990Electric control module-PAS144300/400exchange
12-0030Hydraulic control module-PAS908/PAS144300exchange
11-9700Hydraulic control module-PAS908/PAS144400exchange

Equipment Options

Part NumberDescriptionGallonStandard/Optional
Tires and Wheels
8-915911.5 wheel/tire/spindle module (2 each included)300/400standard
8-898512.5 wheel/tire/spindle module (2 each included)500standard
8-898511.5 to 12.5 wheel/tire/spindle module300/400exchange
4-4839Top "V" stainless steel deflectorsall
4-5255Lower stainless steel deflectorsall
Row Crop Volutes
11-3976One way stainless steel (mounted)all
11-3972Two way stainless steel (mounted)all
9-5978Cable control for one way volute300
9-3405Cable control for one way volute400
9-6946Hydraulic control discharge for air deflector300
9-1566Hydraulic control discharge for air deflector400
Pecan Volute
11-3979Stainless steel pecan voluteall
Vineyard Heads and Towers
12-5600Vineyard tower 820 (mounted)300/400
12-5601Vineyard tower 820 (mounted)500
9-9999Vineyard tower 820 with vanes (mounted)all
9-9999Vineyard lower scoop assembly (90 5/8" w for 10'-12' rows)all
9-9999Vineyard lower scoop assembly (83" w)all
12-560210' stainless steel tower for 820 blower (mounted)300/400
9-999910' folding stainless steel tower500
Nozzle Options for Base Sprayer Only
11-3997Double rollover ceramic (in lieu of standard)all
11-3998Single rollover stainless/brass (in lieu of standard)all
8-927914 station John Bean double rollover (in lieu of standard)all
8-9823Stainless wash basket kitalloptional
4-8776820 straightening vane assembly (mounted)alloptional