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Personal Information
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Building Information
Equipment will be installed in what type of building? Existing To be Built
Dimensions of building in which packing line will be installed.
    A. Length: Width Ceiling height
    B. Are there columns? Yes No - If "yes", please send drawing showing location.
    C. Is floor level? Yes No - If "no", please send drawing indicating unlevel areas.

Fruit To Be Run

A. Apples - Tons Per Hour  
B. Citrus
  Oranges - Tons Per Hour
  Grapefruit - Tons Per Hour
  Tangerines - Tons Per Hour
  Lemons - Tons Per Hour
C. Stone Fruit
  Peaches - Tons Per Hour
  Plums - Tons Per Hour
  Nectarines - Tons Per Hour
D. Pears (Check Variety Packed) - Tons Per Hour  
  Abatte Efettel   Conference   Forelle   Sickle   Bartlett(Williams)  
Comice Nelis   Bosc   D'Anjou   Packums


E. Other Fruit: 

Fruit Packing Properties

How will fruit be received at the packinghouse?
    A. Bulk Bins    B. Field Crates
Wood Plastic Wood Plastic
 Bin Length
 Bin width
 Bin height
 Fruit Capacity- Lbs
 Fruit Capacity-Kilos
How is fruit to be dumped? Wet   Dry
If fruit is received in bins, do you need:
   A. Bin Destacker Yes No    B. Empty Bin Stacker Yes No
Is presorting required immediately after dumping? Yes No
Is small fruit elimination required at beginning of line? Yes No
Is washing required? Yes No
Is detergent application required in washing process? Yes No
Is hot water washing system needed? Yes No
Is hot water rinse system needed? Yes No
Is waxing required? Yes No - If "yes" and product is apples or citrus, then a drying tunnel will be needed.
Please check type of fuel available for wax drying tunnel: Fuel Oil (Diesel) LP Gas Natural Gas
After fruit has been waxed, manual sorting is usually done on a sorting table. Please indicate which selections will be made at this location.
  No. I Grade Fruit % of Total Dumped
  No. II Grade Fruit  % of Total Dumped
  No. III Grade Fruit  % of Total Dumped
  Cull Fruit (Not for fresh market)  % of Total Dumped
sizer Information

What type electronic sizer is needed? Weight Diameter (if both, check both weight and diameter)
Number of sizes required?
Is color separation needed? Yes No -  If "yes", please indicate number of color separations required:
 Color Grade  No. of sizes/ Color




Are blemishes allowed in Color Grade I? Yes No
In Color Grade II? Yes No
In Color Grade III? Yes No
Packing Information

Package Container Information:
Loose Filled   Tight Filled   Pattern Packed according to count
Tray Packed: Nest Pack Panta Pack Pulp Paper Tray
Poly Bagged
Net Bagged
Other: Please specify
Fruit to be packed from:
Rapid pack tables (roll boards)
Rotary packing tables
Rotary packing tubs
Rotary packing tubs with spring loaded bottoms
Accumulating belt conveyors
Semi-automatic tray fillers
Automatic volume fillers
Demand feed conveyor
Supply specifications for all cartons and trays that will be used. Include length, width, height  and filled carton weight. Indicate units of measure (i.e. feet, meters,  pounds, kilos, etc.)

 Carton/tray Description




 Weight Filled
What type of empty carton system is required?
Mono-rail with empty carton hooks
Empty carton chain conveyor
Gravity chutes from mezzanine