Optical fruit & vegetable sorting . . . that you can trust in 2015 and beyond.

Happy New Year. After a brief respite and like everyone else in the industry, we’re back in the saddle and have begun pursuit of your business in 2015.

Durand welcomed the New Year by exhibiting at the SE Regional Fruit & Vegetable Conference in Savannah, GA. During this two day event we had the pleasure of greeting long-time Durand customer-partners and meeting several soon-to-be Durand customer-partners. While we hosted growers and packers across several commodities, there seemed to be a particular audience focus on onions, peaches, tomatoes, peppers and watermelons.

On our four drop demo sizer, fit with Ellips internal & external defect detection, we ran the aforementioned onions, peaches, tomatoes and peppers multiple times for several interested people. The capability of the Ellips application never ceased to amaze anyone . . . including us. Often, Steven was asked, “hey, can you pick out this color?” or “can you pick out this spot?” And, he and the software did, every time to the absolute satisfaction of those in attendance.

We were picking out internal decay on onions, freeze damage (the local grocery store produce didn’t fare too well in the car trunk in sub-30° temperatures) and bruising on peaches and took some really nice images of bell peppers showing the ability to pick out external defects on a very dark commodity while ignoring the valleys (or shadows) created by the lobes. Needless to say, our selling team have a lot of follow up work to do resulting with some of the most progressive thinkers (and business people) in the industry.

We are confident that we’ll introduce this exciting technology to several grower and packer partners this year across multiple commodities. It is important to keep in mind that this technology can be installed on a new Durand or Elisam sizer or retrofitted on any sizer with the same satisfaction guaranteed.

Next up for us, we’ll be conducting personal technology demonstrations at Hess Brother’s Fruit Company, 500 Becker Road, Leola, PA 17540, beginning January 19th through January 30th. If you’re interested in scheduling time with our team while they’re at Hess’, please call your Durand representative or send an email to sales@durand-wayland.com requesting information. We’ll be on the trade show path too. You can visit us during the 2015 OPGMA Congress, Booth 168, January 19th & 20th in Sandusky, OH and 2015 Mid-Atlantic Fruit and Vegetable Convention, Booth 51/52, January 27 to 29 in Hershey, PA.

Until next time, if you’re not too happy with your current grading and vision system, give us a call . . . we can help.

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