John Bean DM05/DM10/DM20 Hydraulic Series

50/100/200/300 gallon fiberglass or stainless engine driven truck or trailer mounted

Standard Features

  • Tank construction based on model chosen…see chart below
  • John Bean pump options (see John Bean Pump Specifications and Price List for details)
    • John Bean R5 (5 gpm @ 400 psi)
    • John Bean R10 (10 gpm @ 500 psi)
    • John Bean R20 (20 gpm @ 500 psi)
  • Engine selection (larger Honda engines available…call for availability)
    • Honda 5.5 hp recoil/electric DM05
    • Honda 8 hp recoil/electric DM10
    • Honda 13 hp recoil/electric DM20
  • Relief valve (50-800 psi) is adjustable with replaceable packing, ceramic valves and seat
  • Star type suction strainer in line between suction point and pump inlet (16 mesh)
  • Air chamber installed in discharge line to reduce pulsation (R5 and R10 only)
  • Filler openings
    • 8” for 50 gallon
    • 15” for 100 gallon and higher
  • Lid options
    • Fiberglass units have vented non-leak screw off lid
    • Stainless units have vented safety lids
  •     Optional stainless steel strainer basket available (9-9638)
  • Mechanical paddle agitation with lubricated bearings and packing ring seals
  • 0-1000 psi liquid filled pressure gauge
  • Tank level sight gauge
  • Battery is not included from factory
  • Standard color is John Bean red

Codes for Model Ordering System

Pump typePositive Displacement (D)D
ModularModular-all units are modular (M)M
Water capacityGPM10
PowerEngine (E)E
GallonsTank size100
Tank materialStainless Steel (S) or Fiberglass (F)F
Engine startElectric/recoil (ER)ER
Engine brandHondaH

Basic Dimensions


Standard Units

Part Number
Fiberglass Tanks:
5280193DM05E50FERHFiberglass370 lbs
5280194DM10E100FERHFiberglass495 lbs
5280195DM10E200FERHFiberglass600 lbs
5280196DM10E300FERHFiberglass700 lbs
5280197DM20E200FERHFiberglass740 lbs
5280198DM20E300FERHFiberglass790 lbs
Stainless Steel Tanks:
5284596DM10E100SERHStainless640 lbs
5282648DM10E200SERHStainless720 lbs
5283003DM10E300SERHStainless820 lbs
9-9999DM10E150/150SERHStainless970 lbs
5284624DM10E100/200SERHStainless970 lbs
5282639DM20E200SERHStainless860 lbs
5280202DM20E300SERHStainless940 lbs
5284531DM20E150/150SERHStainless1,090 lbs

Completing Axle Packages

Part Number Axle Description Use Tank (gallons) Weight
100F 200F/S 300F/S
5264642 60″ tread, 6 bolt hub, 11″ clearance, 15″ wheel general/turf
140 lbs
5254465 60-84″ tread, 6 bolt hub, 22″ clearance, 15″ wheel general/row
140 lbs
5282994 Axle kit (includes surge brakes w/spring axle, lights, safety chains, fenders, 2″ ball hitchdrawbar, 12-16″ wheels, 12 x 16.5 9.75 plytires for 200/300 gallon tow vehicles (to meetDOT standards) highway
400 lbs
5269277 Axle kit w/dual turf tire high flotation axle w/ 4 ea 18 x 9.5 8 ply tires, four wheels/drawbar general/turf
120 lbs
5265696 Axle kit w/axle, two wheels, two 18 x 9.5 4 ply tires and drawbar general/turf
300 lbs
9-9999 Mount axle kit on non-DOT packages
9-9999 Mount axle kit on DOT package (5282994)


Drawbar Option

Part NumberDrawbar DescriptionUserWeight
11-4557High clearance w/clevis hitch (for axle 5254465)row75 lbs

Wheel Options

Part Number Wheel Description Axles (see above) Weight
5264642 5254465
1-0734 15″ x 6″ KB, 6 bolt
30 lbs
1258826 20″ x 7″ DC, 6 bolt
45 lbs
1-5387 15″ x 8″ LBH, 6 bolt
35 lbs

Tire Options

Part Number Tire Description Wheels (see previous page) Weight
1-0734 1283712 1258826 3-0898
1215580 6.70 x 15, 6-ply implement tire/tube
35 lbs
1215581 7.60 x 15, 6-ply implement tire/tube
40 lbs
1219045 7.00 x 15, 6-ply truck tire/tubeless
35 lbs
1-9660 11L x 15, 6-ply ribbed tire/tubeless
1209614 7.50 x 20, 8-ply truck tire/tube & flap
70 lbs

Hose Reel Options

Part NumberHose Reel DescriptionWeight
5281043Manual hose reel39 lbs
Reel Capacity:
300 feet of 1/2" ID w/ 7/8" OD hose
225 feet of 5/8" ID w/ 1" OD hose
150 feet of 3/4" ID w/ 1-9/32" OD hose
5281042ElectricElectric hose reel (must also order 9-6148 below)57 lbs
Reel Capacity:
300 feet of 1/2" ID w/ 7/8" OD hose
225 feet of 5/8" ID w/ 1" OD hose
150 feet of 3/4" ID w/ 1-9/32" OD hose
9-6148Circuit breaker kit-12V DC with enclosure & bracket (required for 5281042)
9-9999Install hose reel on unit
¹ Must indicate mounting on all orders

Boom Options

Part NumberModelSwathSpacing# of nozzlesPipe MaterialTipsWeight
526977315'15'10"19304SS73046245 lbs
526977421'21'20"13304SS800450 lbs
526977528'28'20"17304SS800370 lbs
5270130Walking style includes cut-off,7'6"10"8Stainless8003
pneumatic tires

Boom Control Kit

Kit for M100 Series and 15', 21' and 28' Booms on
Trailed Modular Sprayers:
5269776Includes hose, valve & controls for mounting 15', 21' & 28' booms

Platform Options

Part NumberDescriptionStainless or Fiberglass TankWeight
5269893Side platform for 50 gallonFiberglass55 lbs
5269894Side platform for 100 gallonFiberglass55 lbs
5284595Top platform for 200/300 gallon (for 1 reel)Fiberglass75 lbs
5284590Top platform for 200/300 gallon (for 2 reels)Fiberglass125 lbs
9-7082Cab top reel mount platformbothcall
9-7083Reel mount hose guide for 9-7082bothcall
5265217Rear platform for 50/100/200/300 gallonboth55 lbs
5265925Front platform for 20/100/200/300 gallonboth55 lbs

Other Equipment Options

Part NumberDescription
5280262Cab top for 200/300 stainless steel models only
5281590Cab top for 200/300 fiberglass models only
5280263Crossover plumbing
9-9638Stainless steel strainer basket
5265967Air gap refiller unmounted-stationary and fiberglass models only
9-9999Air gap refiller mounting charge
12-0781Crossover plumbing (Udor)
5269892Air gap refiller-swivel and fiberglass models only
9-9999Special paint