Watermelon Sizer

Available as a fully automated system, Durand-Wayland can provide a full melon bin handling system that receives bins and automatically meters the amount of fruit onto the metering belt. The variable speed metering belt provides a continuous flow of fruit flowing into the roller-grading conveyor and through the washing and drying process before being sorted on the electronic sizer. Automatic and gentle, the sizer electronically sorts melons based on weight with accuracy to a quarter pound. From the control room, the operator controls the sizer which can be programmed to drop any size melon to any available drop output on the machine. The size is based on a weight range set by the operator and programmed into the computer. Multiple programs can be stored to the computer to be recalled at anytime during the packing season.

  • Available batching program to control number of melons to drop
  • Collects cumulative totals
  • Automatic control panel for bin dump system
  • V-Belt fruit singulation ensure proper melon distribution to electronic sizer
  • Up to 64 drop outputs on the sizer
  • Multiple lane configurations to handle variable capacity
  • Spray manifold and six over-head powered rotary brushes make the melons presentable for market