Durand-Wayland & Miedema Join Forces


“LOCAL CHALLENGES, GLOBAL SOLUTIONS” takes its next step forward as Durand-Wayland and Miedema Landbouwwerktuigenfabriek BV of Winsum, The Netherlands, have agreed in principle to partner in North America. “We were introduced to Miedema by our shared technology partner, Ellips BV,” said Mark Adamczyk, Vice President Business Development & General Manager DWM. “Miedema share our passion for providing the best integrated global solutions to challenging sorting and grading opportunities. With Miedema and their Smart Grader line (of potato grading equipment) our customers and ‘will be’ customers have access to the most advanced potato grading solution available, period. The Smart Grader fills a product portfolio gap for us and we’re honored and thrilled to have the chance to represent our new partner in North America. We already have a couple of very progressive, astute thought leaders interested in the Smart Grader fit with Ellips software. These guys have the chance to make a statement in their respective commodity spaces by rejecting the ‘more is better’ paradigm and transitioning to an intelligent and operationally superior piece of equipment. Market leadership is at their fingertips.”

Miedema has embraced strategic partnerships recently having joined forces with Dewulf creating the world’s second largest potato equipment ‘full liner.’ “Durand know that introducing complementary product offerings to our portfolio benefits our customers, partners and our company. We’re growing again and couldn’t be more satisfied with the three new European partners we’ve found,” said Brooks Lee, President, Durand-Wayland. “Miedema are staffed by very professional and talented individuals. Not to mention, their business style fits ours, easy going, data-driven and always seeking the best solution for our customers; these are really good guys (and ladies).”

To find out more about Miedema, please follow this link https://www.miedema.com/uk. Briefly and from the Miedema site,

“Miedema has been providing effective solutions for potato growers throughout the world since 1940. In close cooperation with Dewulf we offer a complete product range for potato production.

Together we strive to build machines of the highest quality, empowering potato growers to attain the best possible result. To achieve this, our machines are always built to handle maximum capacity while maintaining product quality.

Smart engineering and simple control systems make our machines exceptionally comfortable to use. Miedema machines are built with robust materials and are easy to maintain. This ensures a long service life and low operating costs.

Our machines enable farmers to work efficiently and therefore result in greater profitability. This is why Miedema products are the first choice of farmers the world round.”

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