Customer Spotlight – Joseph P. Sullivan & Co., Inc.

  In 2015, we chose to maintain our long-standing equipment and technology partnership with Durand-Wayland.  So far, during the first season with the new UltraSort sizer and Ellips’ electronics package, TrueSort, we’re exceeding the goals that we set for the project.  We’ve reduced our labor by 25%, increased our volume per lane by almost three … Continued Downtime will be down or have limited accessibility the morning of March 24th, 2017. This downtime should start at 4:00 A.M. Central time and last approximately six hours. If you need to contact a Durand-Wayland, Inc., sales or customer service representative, please call 706-882-8161 or email Thank you, Durand-Wayland, Inc.  

Durand-Wayland, Ellips B.V & Elisam S.R.L. Extend Partnership to South America

“LOCAL CHALLENGES, GLOBAL SOLUTIONS” takes another step forward as Durand-Wayland, LaGrange, GA, USA, Ellips B.V., Eindhoven, The Netherlands, and Elisam s.r.l of Budrio di Longiano, Italy, have entered the market together in local partnership with SASA S.A.C. of Santiago, Chile. Over its long history Durand-Wayland have been an active and successful participant in the Chilean … Continued

Nick Lenger will join Durand-Wayland!

April 9, 2015 I am very pleased to announce that Nick Lenger will join Durand-Wayland as Northern Territory Sales Manager – Packinghouse on April 13, 2015.  Nick will report to Mark Adamczyk. Nick has over a decade of experience in packinghouse machinery sales, service and electronics with Lakewood Process Machinery.  Lakewood specialized in the smaller … Continued

Durand-Wayland & Miedema Join Forces

“LOCAL CHALLENGES, GLOBAL SOLUTIONS” takes its next step forward as Durand-Wayland and Miedema Landbouwwerktuigenfabriek BV of Winsum, The Netherlands, have agreed in principle to partner in North America. “We were introduced to Miedema by our shared technology partner, Ellips BV,” said Mark Adamczyk, Vice President Business Development & General Manager DWM. “Miedema share our passion … Continued

Happy Holidays!

Entering the holiday season, we want to wish our customers and partners a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah & Happy New Year. As we reflect on a year almost completely in the rearview mirror, Durand-Wayland have undergone a lot of very positive change that we want to share with you . . . a few highlights … Continued

Grading dates.

Had grading dates been this easy ‘back in the day,’ I would have saved a lot of money and not kept looking for the perfect ‘date’ day-after-day, season-after-season and year-after-year . . . and Friday nights (and every other day and night of the year) would have been a lot more consistent. All kidding aside, … Continued

Inside (and outside) an apple.

Yesterday, the Great Lakes Fruit, Vegetable and Farm Market Expo (we just call it the Great Lakes Expo) wrapped up in Grand Rapids, MI. Unlike last year’s event, exhibitors and attendees enjoyed a relatively temperate climate absent 2013’s bitter cold and snow. Well, at least it was temperate outside because it certainly wasn’t inside, 39°F, … Continued

Durand-Wayland gets an overhaul!

Welcome to the new Durand-Wayland! The home page greets visitors with an announcement about the new technology partnership, ABOUT US & EVENTS sections, as well as improved flow to the parts section and find a dealer. Web analytics, design & industry research have charted the course for a new site with a modern version of design with clearer language that will … Continued