About us

IMG_0009At Durand-Wayland, we’re taking a fresh look at produce. We’re leveraging more than eight decades of experience with the best domestic and global equipment and technologies available to deliver an unsurpassed customer experience beginning in the orchards and fields and finishing in the packinghouse.

We design, manufacture, install and integrate a complete line of fresh fruit and vegetable packinghouse solutions from simple conveyor line additions to new intelligent grading systems and packing lines. Unlike others, we help protect your crop investment with our complete line of sprayers for orchards and row crops. And, we’ve applied this expertise to service the needs of customers that work with highway right-of-way and municipal maintenance and golf courses, among others.

Over the years, our technology and product lines have evolved, but one thing hasn’t changed – our customer commitment. At Durand-Wayland, we’re dedicated to developing and delivering the most innovative solutions for our customer’s fruit packing and orchard spraying needs while remaining true to traditional work principles. The end result is the best in equipment and services with your bottom line at the top of our mind.

If you would like more information on incorparating these technologies please call Durand-Wayland at 800-241-2308 or email us at sales@durand-wayland.com